Fun statistical fact: Cows are about 300 times more likely to kill you than coyotes.

Minor sidenote to statistical fact: If it was common for people to keep several hundred coyotes on their property and routinely chase them into a corral and handle them, this statistic would be different.

this is a great summary of ‘conditional probability’, a statistical property many people grapple with 

…I feel like this post just made me realize that both coconut trees and vending machines, items often quoted in wacky death statistics, are both things that people shake vigorously often



Hey guys, just a warning because I feel like this bot is targeting LGBT tagged items. If you get a message like this one, you won’t be able to view the post if you click because it will send you to an endless log in screen or tell you you need to follow the person to see their stuff. It’s a dummy account.

The message is designed to be upsetting so you will want to click it and see the contents.

I was upset enough to click but luckily I was in the app so i knew it didn’t make sense to ask me to log in again. I then looked CLOSELY at the log in page and realized the url is fake. This is a phishing attempt and I don’t want any other lgbt people to be taken in by it. Be careful out there.

I assume this is what @avenpt’s warning was in part mentioning